Bow Hunting Rule


The following documentation and actions are required BEFORE hunting and/or entering the farm:

  • Signing of Indemnity
  • Signing of Permission to Hunt and Transport of Meat
  • Signing of Day Fees and Species List
  • Shooting in of Bows

Shooting in of Bows are required because of two reasons:

  • To ensure bow shoots true
  • To ensure that the hunter is capable of a safe and moral hunt

General Rules

  • No hunting from or within 500 meters of hunting vehicle.
  • Fire only allowed in lapa
  • No littering
  • No use of private vehicles on farm
  • Movement on farm can only occur in the presence of authorised farm personnel
  • Only 2 hunting parties on any given time allowed in veld
  • No shooting of birds, reptiles or other except as on species list
  • No pets
  • All activities at own risk


Guide is there for guidance and is not responsible for identification of species, sex , advice on shot placement or judgement on size or quality of trophy – that is the responsibility of the hunter.

Guide is not responsible for the finding of wounded animals , however, they will do their utmost to find the animal.

Blood, bone, stomach content or other as pointed out by guide after a shot was fired will counted as a deadly hit and will have to be paid for in full, whether the animal is found or not.

If a satisfactory service was delivered, tipping is encouraged but no alcohol please.

Hunting Times

Hunting is allowed from half an hour before sunrise to half an hour before sunset.

17 July Sunrise p 06h53 Sunset 17h32
17 August Sunrise 06h35 Sunset 17h47